Privacy policy

Updated 01-01-2024

All copyrights are reserved to Riyadh Schools. Copyright in the pages and in display screens (the official website of the schools or educational platforms), as well as the information and materials contained in these pages and screens, including texts, drawings, pictures, data files, and address lists, are considered under the ownership of Riyadh Schools For boys and girls.

Riyadh schools exert their utmost efforts to achieve a high level of quality, but they are not in any way considered responsible for any damages that may affect the user, and this includes, for example, any direct, special, emergency or subsequent damages and any losses that may result from (Official website of schools or educational platforms) or because of its use or inability to use it by any party, or due to failure in performance, errors, omissions, interruption in transmission, or any delay in operation, transmission, viruses, or the line of connection and communication, or because of any malfunction in System.

Riyadh Schools work at all times to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all personal information collected. It is permissible to disclose such information and disclose it only in cases of necessity and necessity under the law or when there is good faith and when we believe that such a procedure is a necessary or desirable measure in compliance with the law, or to protect or defend the rights and property of schools, and for this site or its users.

The schools website or its educational platforms do not collect personal information about you unless you specifically choose and with your knowledge to provide this information. And if you choose to provide your information, we only use it to complete your request for information or services in accordance with what is stated in these policies, and our configuration of our website was not intended to collect any personal information from your computer when you browse this site, it will only be done. Use that information provided voluntarily and knowingly.

When we request information from you, we will ask that you provide it to us voluntarily. Such information will assist us in contacting you, communicating with you, and solving problems that you may face, whenever required.

By using the schools website or its educational platforms, you agree to this privacy policy and confidentiality of information, and that our use of your personal information is governed by the privacy policy, and the confidentiality of information that forms part of the provisions of this text.

You will be required as part of your registration in some services: Provide us with certain information about you which guarantees without exception your email, ID number or phone number. Your name, identity number, email address or phone number will not be disclosed without your prior consent.


You are personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your information and your password, and what results from all uses and activities that result from the use of the password regardless of whether it is licensed by you, and you must contact technical support through the technical support form on the site at Immediately in the event that your password is used or registered unauthorized, schools will not be responsible for any event that occurs as a result of unauthorized use of your password and your registration.

Riyadh Schools is keen to achieve the highest possible levels of safety and to follow best security practices to preserve user data and provide privacy and confidentiality of their transactions in order to comply with the privacy and use policy followed.

Among the most important measures in force:

  • Strict measures and measures to protect the security of information and the technology we use to prevent fraud and unauthorized access.
  • Regular and periodic updating of protection procedures and controls that meet or exceed the standards.
  • Our employees are qualified and trained to respect the confidentiality of the personal information of our visitors.

When browsing the schools website and its educational platforms, some non-personal data may be saved and collected by directly importing it (whether your connection is via a computer or mobile device), which may include the IP address, type and language of your browser Your, the pages visited, the time spent on a specific page, the time and date of the visit. Your data may be used to prepare questionnaires or prepare reports in order to conduct some research and studies, in addition to periodic correspondence with you if necessary, and Riyadh schools have the right to share your data with the relevant authorities in accordance with what serves the state’s approach to building a knowledge society and the schools reserve the right. To amend the user data privacy policy whenever appropriate.

Please kindly read the terms of use of the schools website, its educational platforms and its contents with precision and care, because it outlines your rights as well as our obligations with regard to your data and personal information, and to what extent we can share this information with others without violating your rights, and that your entry and use of the schools website platform Its educational platforms are subject to terms and conditions, and by entering, browsing and using the site you have accepted, without restrictions or conditions.

Terms and conditions of use contained in this document

  • Adhere to digital etiquette
  • The schools website and its educational platforms may include links to other sites on the Internet, or advertisements from other sites, and we are not responsible for the methods of data collection by those sites. You can see the privacy policies and the contents of those sites that are accessed through any A link within this site, Riyadh Schools is not responsible for viruses that may infiltrate through these sites, and it will be responsible for your decision to enter other sites through those links.
  • You are permitted to use the schools website and its educational platforms only from your side, and you cannot rent, rent or lend any of the information or any of your rights stipulated in this agreement to any other party.
  • You are not allowed to change any part of the information that is on the schools website and its educational platforms or that is circulated through them, and you are not entitled to store it unless you obtain written permission.
  • You must preserve all copyrights, trademarks and all proprietary notices contained in the original material in any copy of it published on educational platforms or that you publish on the platform.
  • You have no right to sell, modify, reproduce, display, distribute, transfer, publish, license or create works derived from any material or content contained in the schools website and its educational platforms.
  • The users of the schools website and its educational platforms are not authorized to use any material published on any other website or in a shared computer environment on another network.
  • It is prohibited to use the site in order to commit a crime or encourage others to be involved in any behavior that may be considered a crime or involve civil liability.
  • It is prohibited to enter or publish any illegal content that includes discrimination, defamation, abuse, slander or inappropriate material.
  • It is prohibited to use the schools website and its educational platforms for the purpose of impersonating other persons or parties.
  • It is prohibited to use the schools website and its educational platforms to download any material containing programs that contain viruses or any computer code, files or programs that may alter, destroy or impede the work of the site or any device or program belonging to anyone who accesses the site.
  • It is prohibited to upload, insert, transmit or otherwise broadcast material that you are not entitled to broadcast under any law or contractual relationship.
  • It is prohibited to alter, destroy, or delete any content on the schools website and its educational platforms.
  • Do not disable normal communication lines in any way.
  • It is prohibited to claim association with, or representation of, any company, association, or organization without being authorized to claim that relationship or that representation.
  • It is prohibited to publish or broadcast any advertisement, promotional material or any form of promotion.
  • It is prohibited to publish any material that contradicts or conflicts with the intellectual property rights of others, or to collect or store personal information about others.
  • It is prohibited to post any incomplete, false or inaccurate information about yourself on your CV.
  • It is prohibited to impersonate any other user of the Madrasati platform
  • It is prohibited to falsely defame a person or entity that you work with or another.
  • It is prohibited to publish or broadcast any content that you do not have the right to re-publish, display or broadcast under any law or contractual relationships or based on trust (such as undisclosed contracts).
  • It is prohibited to publish or transmit any advertisements, promotional materials, electronic messages, or any other objectionable material, or any information not related to the curriculum, such as opinions, notices, and other materials.
  • It is prohibited to use any tool or program to interfere or attempt to interfere with the operation of the schools website and its educational platforms.
  • Any action that exposes the school site infrastructure and educational platforms to an unnecessary and over-stressed load is prohibited.
  • It is not permitted to share your account and the password granted to you with another party through which you allow him to manage your account or use it on your behalf, or to increase the number of points awarded to you in illegal and unethical ways in order to obtain for yourself, without right, appreciation, reward or self-benefit.
  • Attempting to decode, disassemble and regroup any of the programs that make up the site or part of it is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to broadcast, publish and distribute any illegal, harmful, abusive, flagrant or morally hateful content or that is offensive to another person or party.
  • It is prohibited to publish or broadcast any harmful content that contains malicious programs such as viruses and others that aim to harm any system or information to circumvent or seize its ownership.
  • It is not permitted to attach, publish or broadcast any content, or use the site to steal a trademark or any other property rights or trade secret belonging to any party, or take away the personal rights of any other party.
  • It is not permitted to resell or transfer your duties or rights in these terms and restrictions to any other party, whether from users of the schools website and its educational platforms or from outside it.
  • It is not permitted to override any laws applied in this agreement, whether local, national, or international.

Please note that we review this privacy policy periodically and we may make some changes to it. When we make any changes, the privacy policy link will contain a "recent review (with date)" sign, indicating that you should review the new provisions that are in effect immediately upon publication. The new policy on this page with a new effective date.

This tag will remain next to the privacy policy link after updates are made. By entering the site after making any changes, your prior consent to the modified privacy policy and any changes therein, and in the event that you receive a notice of the modifications mentioned above, be sure to visit this page periodically to ensure that you are aware of the latest version of the privacy policy.

All what is stated in this document is subject to the executive regulations for electronic publishing activity issued by the Ministry of Information in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the copyright protection system issued by Royal Decree No. (M / 41) dated Rajab 2 1424 amended by Cabinet Resolution No. (536) dated 19 / 10/1439.