Parent Information Center

Out of its keen interest in the welfare of its students, Riyadh Schools has established a specialized Parent Information Center. This center is designed to provide outstanding, high-quality and innovative services to parents in order to boost the participation of parents in the educational process in a way that helps the Schools carry out its mission, makes the Schools achieve its general goals, improves the cooperation between the Schools and parents, and enables the Schools to gain the satisfaction of parents.

Vision of the Center

Is to provide parents with high-quality services.

Communication mechanism

In Riyadh schools, we care about facilitating the communication process between the parents and the school. Accordingly, the parent can communicate with Riyadh Schools via:

  • Book an appointment through Riyadh Schools website by clicking on Communication Platform on Parent Centers Services page.
  • Direct contact with the Parents Center via mobile or phone
  • Through parents account on classera, send an e-mail.
  • Visiting the Parents Center in (building 7)

Goals of the Center

  • Contributing to the improvement of parent conferences on a regular basis.
  • Activating the alumni network.
  • Providing high-quality communication services.
  • Enhancing the level of satisfaction among parents
  • Handling the complaints and suggestions of parents.
  • Organizing social events and participating in public occasions.

Duties of the Center

  • It coordinates the evening meetings between teachers and parents.
  • It invites parents to all events.
  • It ensures that Director General’s newsletters are sent to parents.
  • It ensures that the newsletters of principals are sent to everyone.
  • It activates the alumni network.
  • It prepares periodic reports on the content of communications with parents, including comments, suggestions and complaints.
  • It measures the satisfaction of parents.

Work Mechanism of the Center:

  • It receives concerns and complaints form 7 am to 2:30 pm and registers them in the electronic logs for follow up.
  • It refers the complaint to the concerned department to study and address it.
  • It initially responds to complaints within 48 hours.
  • It will contact parents to notify them of the action taken.
  • If parents are not convinced of the action/solution, the Parent Information Center will arrange a meeting for him/her with the management of the school to study and address the case.