The American High School Diploma Program

The American High School Diploma Program

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What is AHSDP ?

The American High School Diploma Program (AHSDP) is the newest educational system available at Riyadh Schools for developing highly qualified students in the fields of English, mathematics, business, economics, etc. Raising the level of high school graduates, will ensure that they are fully prepared to meet the demands of higher education and the current job-market.

The American High School Diploma Program meets with the Saudi students' needs without disrespecting any of the Saudi customs. Furthermore except for the Arabic language and Islamic education which employ Arabic, English is used as a media of instruction for the rest of the subjects.

The American High School Diploma Program at Riyadh Schools :

  • Produces future leaders who are knowledgeable, and critical-thinkers.

  • Qualifies students to write the SAT1, SAT2 and TOEFL examinations .
    - SAT  : Means Scholastic Aptitude Test. There are two SAT tests that student can sit.
    SAT1: All students must take. It includes 2 subjects only (Math and English).
    SAT2: It is a 2-3 subjects course. It might be taken for entering practical faculties OR to raise the total scores.


Program Goals :

  1. Providing a safe, stimulating, inviting and nurturing educational environment, which meets individual student learning needs.

  2. preparing the Saudi student for the challenge of the outside world.


AHSDP Courses :











Students MUST successfully complete a minimum requirements of 25 credits during the three year period to receive the American High School Diploma. Students can increase the number of credits earned during a school year by taking electives in grades 11 and 12.

Students study 34 school weeks including assessment tests in the AHSDP. In every year, there are two semesters. Every one credit course involves 5 periods per week.

In the American High School Diploma Program at Al-Riyadh Schools, students study 8 subjects in grade 10, 7 subjects in grade 11, and 9 subjects in grade 12.


Universities Accepting the American High School Diploma :

Students receiving the American High School Diploma will be eligible to apply for all of these universities :

  • Saudi and Arab Universities :
    - King Saud University.
    - King AbdulAziz University.
    - King Fahad Petroleum and Minerals University.
    The American University ( in Cairo - Lebanon - Sharjah - Dubai ).
    - The Lebanese American University.

  • American Universities :
    - Harverd.
    - Harvey Mudd College.
    Florida International.
    - American International College.
    Haverford College.
    - American College.

  • European Universities :
    - Oxford.
    - Cambridge.


AHSDP is available for !

AHSDP is available for Saudi students for the first time and for non-Saudis too. To admit, the following conditions are a must for registration :

  • Having an intermediate certificate (grade 9) or its equivalent.

  • Non Saudi students' resident must be regular.

  • Passing the admission test for English, science and mathematics.

  • Having certificate proves good manner.


School Fees :

Fees 10 th Grade 11 th Grade 12 th Grade

Registration Fees*

10,000 Saudi Riyals (Once paid Only at registration)

Academic Fees

18,000 Saudi Riyals

20,000 Saudi Riyals

20,000 Saudi Riyals

Admission Test Fees**

150 Saudi Riyals (Once paid Only at admission)

*   Amounts paid for registration will not be refunded in case of transfer.
** Test fees are not refunded.


  1. Fees should be paid on two installments.

  2. Academic fees include textbooks, and stationary.

  3. If students want to transfer from the school during the second week of the term,
    the fees will be paid back. If later, no fees shall be returned.


Online Registration : Press here to register online. للتسجيل عبر الموقع


For More Details :
- For more details please call : 055 30 966 20     or       055 30 966 40
- Download Brochure.
- Download Application Form with Details.

لمزيد المعلومات يمكنك الاتصال على : 20 966 30 055
                                               أو : 40 966 30 055